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OUR LEATHER is of great quality and made from natural subtle calfskin. Our leather is very delicate and natural and should be treated with care. The light colors are highly sensitive than the other darker ones, and it is imperative that they are treated with so much care. It is advisable not to wear the leather in the bathroom while having your bath, because you will only succeed in fading off the color when exposed to sunlight directly. To maintain the leather, you can use nivea face cream or neutral shoe polish. Our leather is not quite different from other leather products in the sense that excessive or daily use of shoe polish or nivea face cream can worn it out over a period of time.


What is the life span of my Calea bracelet?

The life span of a calea bracelet solely depends on the user cares for it. We have recorded testimonials of users who used our bracelets for a long time, while some users enjoyed the bracelets for only a short time. The reason is simple and straight forward. We are not all equal. Some users are vigorous wearers and very active, while other users are not.

There are people who are addicted to their calea jewellery or prefer to wear it every time, while some keep their jewellery carefully for only special seasons or occasions.

If a user keeps to all the care instructions like cleaning and regular maintenance tips, there is a high chance of prolonging the life span of every natural jewellery. There is an old law of thumb guiding the care of jewellery and that rule is this “ensure your jewellery is first thing you take off when undressing and the last thing you wear when dressing up”.