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Cookies and Local Storage

When using our site, note that we make use of industry-wide technologies such as “cookies” (or technologies related to cookies), to store some information on your computer. This cookies grants us the ability to permit an automatic sign-in when using the Site, as well as offer you an effortless and convenient browsing experience.

Cookies also allows us to measure user experience and give them personalized promotions or browsing. Cookies could be in the mode of flash files, html files, or other technology and are text files that saves up user activity and preferences. Our Site makes use of cookies to collect statistics and information it uses to modify the way the site operates and functions to suit personal preferences.

These files contain some information like that of webpages you visited recently and overtime, the period of time you spend on each site, how you found certain sites, the nature and scope of the sites you visit, places you visited and other relevant information.


Blocking Cookies

Your browser can be set to block cookies, as well as cookies linked with our services, or to find out when we set a cookie. Though, it is very necessary to note that almost all of our services would not work properly if you disable your cookies. For instance, cookies can help you use a site for as long as possible without having to enter login details like username and passwords.