How to get the most from your jewelry with less money

Hi, it’s Darija. Many people have asked me how to stop spending so much money on jewelry when they often don’t know what to wear, even if their jewelry box is full. I’ve started thinking about the topic and trying to remember what I was doing before I created my own collection.

And yes, sometimes I really had panic attacks after realizing that there was nothing to wear in my full jewelry box. Hundreds and thousands of dollars spent on jewelry and you don’t have anything to wear???

Sometimes a big change is needed and I will try to solve your problems in the next few lines. Read the advice on how to get the most from your jewelry.

Advice #1

Don’t buy too much expensive jewelry just to buy it!

Let’s be clear about what an expensive jewelry piece is. In my opinion, it’s the one you will wear once, you can’t combine it, it doesn’t have a value and it’s not timeless!

Buying gold and silver jewelry is  not expensive if you buy pieces that will last forever and you can wear on almost every occasion until you get bored with them.

So, the price is not important until there is a value in a jewelry.


Calea koena bracelet Advice #2

Buy smart. Buy timeless jewelry.

I think almost every girl had a chance to dig into her mother’s jewelry box and find some really timeless pieces that can be worn 20-30 years later. As I said, gold, leather and simply designed pieces are timeless.

When creating my collection, my lodestar was simplicity, classy design and quality materials so that people can wear my jewelry on almost any occasion. Just look at the Calea Keona bracelet and imagine how many styles you can wear it with.

Check my suggestion: Keona


Advice #3

Take care of your jewelry.

Every piece of jewelry needs to be cleaned properly, secured and stored in order to extend it’s life. You should pay attention to your jewelry when you wear it.

Don’t wash dishes wearing it, be careful when you are applying perfumes and put your makeup on first and than your jewelry.

Cleaning a jewelry will make it to last longer. For example, my collection is made of subtle calfskin leather and proper care will include daily use of shoe polish or Nivea face cream.

You will see that the Calea bracelet is made of white and dark leather and especially the white part must be treated with care, and not worn while bathing and swimming.



Advice #4

Use your jewelry for decorative purposes once you no longer wear it.

If you have some broken pieces of jewelry and don’t know what to do with them, try Googling for decorations with jewelry or broken jewelry and I’m sure you will find an inspiration for how to use it.

I saw new year’s decorations girls made from their broken jewelry, redesigned picture frames, bags, headbands and hairpins. And I know that girls who love jewelry are very creative!

Do you have any other advice about how to get the most from your jewelry? If the answer is yes, please write a comment or email me so I can add some your advice to this article. Are you ready to use my advice?

Try the Calea Keona bracelet and make sure that you have the best jewelry piece for less money that will last forever!


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