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Meet me

Hello, I’m Darija, a Bosnian girl based in Vienna, who feels at home all over the world. During my travels as a model and blogger, I’m constantly getting inspired by dazzling places I visit.

My special life journey started once upon a time when I participated in Austria’s Next Top Model, managed to enter the finals and started a chapter of fashion, glamour, design, creativity, traveling and experience.

Proudest moment of my modeling career are Vivienne Westwood’s fashion shows, along with all others like MQ Vienna Fashion Week, Berlin Fashion Week, Vienna Fashion Night, Vienna Award, Ringstraßen Galerien Designer Award, Philipp Plein, Lena Hoschek, Emil Gampe, Marcel Ostertag, Sportalm, Versus and Versace, D&G.

With a creative and enthusiastic mind, I always wanted to start my own business. Let me tell you the story of how everything began.

Summer 2014. Walking by the seaside in Spain. A few years of fashion all around me made me live that life completely. I love everything about fashion, but one thing more than anything – jewelry. I have always seen beautiful pieces, but none of them were exactly what I wanted. That summer, Calea was born.

At first, I started making jewelry just for myself and my friends. It was a hobby that enabled me to enter the world of imagination and creation. At that moment, I decided to name my beautiful pieces.

The name Calea is derived from the Hawaiian expression “kalea” which means happiness. And happiness is what I want to give you.

I find the inspiration for Calea jewelry everywhere. Sometimes, I just create.  Other times, I think  about creation. My first collection is a perfect compilation of black and white leather bracelets for men and women, which are minimalist and unique at the same time.

Welcome to the Calea world! Be my guest, comment, contact me and ask me whatever you want.

With love,


Mq Vienna Fashion Week.
Hotel Imperial, Vienna.
K. u K. Hofzuckerbäcker DEMEL.
Jürgen Hammerschmid
Irina Schrott & Mihaela Glavan
Verena Mandragora