Top 5 pieces of jewelry you must wear in 2017

Hi, Darija here. My jewelry is my way of thinking and living. I was recently asked by many people what will be the top trend in jewelry fashion this year and I must tell you just one thing: prepare to be wild and prepare to be sophisticated.

Jewelry lovers and all of you who are not, some of the pieces that will be shown here will surely drive you crazy! When it comes to a new trend in jewelry, you will feel like a completely different person wearing some of them: from a rebel girl to a serious and sophisticated lady.

I personally prefer sophistication and glamour, but sometimes I also love to surprise my friends with a new piece of jewelry they never expect me to have.

Let’s take a look on some pieces that must be found in your jewelry box this summer:

#1 Ear cuffs all sizes

Do you remember the time when multiple earrings were a unique trend and an idea? The girls started wearing one earring regularly, but then started to wear more earrings on one ear. That was the era!

But now, the earring transformation goes so far that a fashion for rebel girls and trendsetters becomes a must in a daily fashion life. With ear cuffs, you decorate the larger part of your ear and there are two types of them you can find: piercing and non-piercing.

Are you ready to try this trend? My suggestion: wear gold and silver, you can combine them with basically everything!

#2 Choker necklaces

Back to ’90s with tattoo choker necklaces and black pendant chokers. The new editions came to the jewelry scene last year: a new baby jewelry was born.

New materials like leather, feather, crochet, faux gold brought a new dimension to choker necklaces and they will be on the throne for the Spring/ Summer 2017 seasons. If you don’t want to miss the choker euphoria, then get one and inspire others!

My suggestion: choose the black and simple ones and wear all the day!

#3 Put all your bracelets on!

You will notice that 2017 jewelry trends are all about putting on all you have! Don’t take it literally, but be stylish. The same goes for bracelets. Girls wearing a few bracelets on each hand almost always make you take a look. The latest trend is wearing one bracelet on each hand.

Curious? To provoke a catchy look, I suggest a very special bracelet which kills with the style and usability for almost every occasion. A beautiful piece called Keona from my collection Calea jewellery will make you shine and glow!

Made from a subtle calfskin leather in a black and white combination, you will fall in love with them and feel the amount of love I transferred during the process of making and creating the unique style for you. Just looking at the bracelet, you will see how many outfits you can combine it with.

Imagine two or three Calea bracelets on one hand. When you feel Calea, you will definitely follow this trend of stacked bracelets!

#4 Multiple rings on one hand

Stacked rings is a jewelry trend you could see almost every fashion blogger promote over the past few years.

The passion is still here, whether you prefer half finger rings or typical rings with different elements such as stones, minerals or metals.

Define your own style and stack two, three or more rings on both of your hands. Remember, the statement “more is more” applies here, too. So, load up on your rings!

My suggestion: two half rings and two regular on each hand, on the same fingers.

#5 Statement necklaces and huge pendants

If you are not a fan of minimalism, then statement necklaces are definitely the top trend of the upcoming seasons for you. Wearing it on all occasions, but especially informal ones, your simple dress combined with a statement necklace can be a million dollar win!

Pendants in all shapes, made of minerals, tassels, metals, crosses are all allowed – it just depends on you.

My suggestion: just be yourself and pick the necklace that will define you and inspire others!

Are you interested in my choice of a perfect jewelry outfit? Try a choker black leather necklace of your choice combined with Keona bracelets on both hands and tell me what you think!


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