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Calea Jewellery

Benedikt Schellingen Gasse 20/27, 1150 Wien

Darija Gavric, CEO

Telephone: +43 660 527 6777



Darija Gavric is a Bosnian girl based in Vienna, who feels at home all over the world. During her travels as a model and blogger she relentlessly kept getting inspired by dazzling places she visited.
As a creative and enthused mind, Darija always wanted to start her own business. So as a jewellery lover, she naturally launched her first line- calea jewellery, while in Hamburg, Germany.
The brand’s name calea is derived from the Hawaiian expression kalea which stands for happiness. And happiness is what Darija wants to realize for her various customers worldwide.
Her first collection is a perfect compilation of black and white leather bracelets for men and women, which are minimalist yet unique at the same time.